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A Girlfriends fan fiction [01.09.07]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I am working on a Girlfriends/Crossover fic.
Title: I am Your Puppet
Summary: Dean and Sam get a call from their father saying their cousin Kelly is missing. It turns out Kelly's friend, Lynn is also missing. Sam and Lynn have a past.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Lynn Searcy, Cassie, Joan Clayton
Pairings: Sam/Lynn, Dean/Cassie
Rating: R
I do not own any recognizable characters from Girlfriends or Supernatural. No copyright infringement is intended.

The Story begins here Chapter One



so the rev. al sharpton was on the show tonight.

toni is pregnant?! oh shit.


i love girlfriends because i can completely relate to being a twenty something in a big city with problems in my sex life and having my girls there to back me up.


New episode of Girlfriends is on UPN in 5 minutes!


what was the deal with the white dude on girlfriends today at 5:30 on the wb?!

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